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The My Purpose Couples Retreat offers couples a luxurious and exclusive experience designed to strengthen their relationship. Through expert guidance and lavish accommodations, couples can indulge in a rejuvenating retreat while recommitting to their spouse and rediscovering their shared purpose.

Blended Family

The My Purpose Couples Retreats provide valuable support and guidance for blended families, helping them navigate the unique dynamics and challenges they face. With the expertise of licensed counselors, these retreats offer a safe and inclusive space for step-parents and biological parents to come together, fostering open communication and understanding. Through workshops, activities, and therapeutic sessions, blended families can develop strategies to build trust, strengthen relationships, and create a harmonious and loving environment for everyone involved. The retreats provide a transformative experience that empowers blended families to navigate the complexities of their unique situation and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and unity.


The My Purpose Couples Retreat offers a transformative experience for couples seeking to enhance their intimacy. Through expert guidance and tailored activities, couples can explore deeper emotional connections, improve communication, and learn new techniques to ignite and sustain passion in their relationship. By creating a safe and supportive environment, the retreat empowers couples to address any barriers to intimacy, fostering a renewed sense of closeness and fulfillment.

Marriage Proposals

The My Purpose Couples Retreat has established a remarkable success record when it comes to marriage proposals. With its romantic and picturesque setting, coupled with the guidance of licensed counselors who understand the intricacies of relationships, the retreat creates an ideal environment for couples ready to take their commitment to the next level. These professionals offer personalized assistance and support to help individuals plan and execute unforgettable proposals, resulting in many joyful and memorable moments of love and celebration at the retreat.

Group sessions 

The group sessions at the My Purpose Couples Retreat provide a unique and enriching experience for couples. Led by licensed counselors experienced in relationship dynamics, these sessions offer a supportive and collaborative atmosphere for couples to share their challenges, successes, and insights with like-minded individuals. Through group discussions and activities, couples gain valuable perspectives, learn from each other's experiences, and build a sense of community. These group sessions foster a sense of belonging and provide additional support, enhancing the overall transformative journey of the retreat for couples seeking to strengthen their bond.


The My Purpose Couples Retreat facilitates the formation of meaningful friendships among couples. Through shared activities, group sessions, and social events, couples connect with like-minded individuals on a journey to strengthen their relationships. These shared experiences and open conversations foster genuine connections, leading to lasting friendships that provide ongoing support and camaraderie.

Exciting Activities

At the My Purpose Couples Retreat, you and your partner will embark on a rejuvenating journey filled with memorable experiences. Indulge in blissful couples massages, allowing skilled therapists to melt away your stress and promote relaxation. Explore the depths of intimacy through Tantric touch workshops, fostering deep connections and enhancing intimacy. Test your teamwork and problem-solving skills in exhilarating escape rooms, strengthening your bond along the way. Soar above picturesque landscapes with hot air balloon rides, creating lifelong memories as you embrace the beauty of the world together.

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